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JPMorgan Chase to Slash 5,000 Jobs

U.S. megabank J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (JPMC) is cutting more than 5,000 jobs in an effort to cut costs in a post-crisis regulatory landscape of big fines and tight margins, according to industry sources and a report in The...

Deutsche Bank’s $55M Settlement Could Boost Transparency

Deutsche Bank settled charges of misstating the value of a derivatives portfolio with the SEC to the tune of $55 million, the latest in a string of regulatory penalties to hit the bank that could potentially provide another nail in...
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Report: Sell Side Needs to Refocus on Buy Side’s Needs

Brokers in the business of routing equity orders have been squeezed since the financial crisis, but a new report says there may be room to grow – if they’re willing to challenge conventional wisdom and buckle down on customer service...
Benjamin Lawsky, superintendent of New York state's Department of Financial Services, got British bank Standard Chartered to pay a $340 million settlement over allegations that it schemed with the Iranian government to launder billions of dollars.

Superintendent Lawsky to Leave NYDFS

Benjamin M. Lawsky, the New York State Department of Financial Services’ initial superintendent of financial services, will depart the agency in late June, after four years in the post, officials confirm. The agency was created by the New York State...

Industry Solves Half of the Tri-Party Repo Risk Problem

Bank of New York Mellon recently completed its leg of an industry initiative to reduce risk in the tri-party repo markets, following the disastrous role those markets played in causing the 2008 financial crisis. After successfully implementing a series of...

SEC Seeks to Revamp Reporting for Mutual Funds, ETFs

The SEC has proposed rules, forms and amendments to “modernize and enhance” the reporting and disclosure of information via investment companies and investment advisers in an effort to improve the quality of data for investors, according to the regulator. If...

Deustche Börse Group Launches EU Publication

The Eurozone has served up one curveball after another to investors lately, ever since the 2008 U.S. financial crisis made its way across the pond a few years later and began throwing European economies into disarray. That’s why Market News...
Do You Want a Robot Writing Your Reports?

Do You Want a Robot Writing Your Reports?

Much has been made in the mainstream media about software systems that can take lots of data (previously gathered via tedious methods) and create a wide range of prose from nonfinancial news to reports about the performance of funds.

FTF News was so intrigued that we’ve put together a special report on the subject, “Will a Software Robot Be Writing Your Next Financial Report?.

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  • Do You Want a Robot Writing Your Reports?

    Much has been made in the mainstream media about software systems that can take lots of data (previously gathered via tedious methods) and create a wide range of prose from nonfinancial news to reports about the performance of funds. FTF…
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