2020 Categories & Nominees

Best Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Implementation

Artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) technologies are shaking up major facets of securities operations from robo-advisors to reconciliation systems guided by A.I. implementations. This award will spotlight the industry participant that has done the most to advance operations via AI, ML or natural language processing (NLP) initiatives.

Best Blockchain Solution of the Year

The securities industry is moving ahead with new solutions that use blockchain/distributed ledger technology (DLT) for cryptocurrency-based transactions or for advances in key operations. The new systems are beginning to challenge incumbent middle- and back-office systems that support multiple assets. Financial services firms, a variety of IT and service providers and other organizations are making blockchains a new, exciting reality. This award is meant to focus attention on the breakthrough systems that will advance securities operations the most.

Best Buy-Side Collateral Management Solution

Optimizing collateral management has come into sharp focus for many buy-side firms especially as they have had to revamp their infrastructures to meet new regulatory regimes. Advances via distributed ledger technology (DLT) and artificial intelligence (A.I.) are easing workflows and compliance burdens. This award honors the provider, consultant, or internal IT organization that has been the most effective in helping buy-side operations staff achieve higher levels of internal efficiency in the oversight of collateral.

Best Buy-Side Enterprise Solution

This award recognizes the provider that offers buy-side firms a comprehensive set of solutions for securities operations that helps firms achieve operational excellence. The solution set can be deployed onsite, use cloud computing technology, be completely outsourced, or use a combination of these deployment methods. The award is meant to reward the provider whose ambitious, enterprise-wide offerings have exceeded expectations.

Best Client Reporting Solution

This award honors the provider that has advanced the complex process of client reporting. The winner will demonstrate that it has improved the customization, look, and feel, and delivery of reports for many kinds of clients and portfolios. The award also recognizes progress in automating reports, managing source data, monitoring the status of productions, and clarity in performance reporting.

Best Cloud Computing Solution

Cloud computing has become part of the landscape for securities trading operations. More services and systems that were once strictly onsite are moving to the cloud. This award category is open to a variety of operations providers such as those that provide support via infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS); platform-as-as-service (PaaS); software-as-a-service (SaaS); managed services; and cloud-native solutions.

Best Compliance Solution

This award is for the solution that delivers a distinguished offering in a specialized area, designed to help meet a critical compliance need. The winning supplier must demonstrate an ability to keep pace with an evolving industry and show a level of achievement in improving their clients’ needs to meet obligations and optimize their operations. Solutions eligible for nomination can be from any niche area of compliance for equities, fixed income, and derivative instruments. In addition, solutions that focus on relevant aspects of regulatory, legal, data, social, and IT compliance are also eligible.

Best Corporate Actions Processing Solution

Corporate actions processing continues to advance and this award spotlights the provider that has incorporated industry standards, advanced automation, data management, ESG data, and emerging technologies. The winner in this category will have helped its clients move closer to automation and streamlined processing.

Best Cutting-Edge Ops Solution

This award recognizes the industry participant that has successfully developed innovative financial technology solutions for middle- and back-office post-trade operations. Eligible areas of consideration include artificial intelligence/machine learning systems, cloud-native services, hybrids of legacy and cutting-edge IT, a groundbreaking offering that eliminates manual processes, and offerings that employ natural language processing.

Best Enterprise-Wide Derivatives Processing Solution

Over-the-counter (OTC) and listed derivatives processing have endured major reforms over the past decade. Most recently, firms have had to adjust to the onset of uncleared margin rules (UMR) for non-centrally cleared derivatives. This award will focus attention on the provider that has stayed ahead of the curve for the many facets of derivative operations and kept its customers ahead of the competition. The winner in this category should be able to demonstrate how it helps streamline transaction creation and execution, optimize documentation support, eliminate error-prone manual steps, and help firms make the most of a new landscape.

Best Financial Crime Prevention Technology

Internal and external financial crimes against financial institutions are on the rise and firms are fighting this battle on many fronts. Providers have been advancing solutions to combat internal and external acts of fraud, insider trading, cyber-attacks, money laundering, terrorist financing, and multiple forms of corruption. This award will shine the light upon software, services, systems, and advances in surveillance that help firms protect themselves from danger and reputational damage.

Best Margining Solution

This new award will shine the spotlight on the solution that has helped industry participants, including investors and brokerages, vastly improve the margining process that is essential to meeting the new rules for uncleared derivatives transactions. The winning solution will also help firms to effectively navigate the capital, margin and segregation regulations that govern this very active area of the securities industry. This award category is open to providers, consultancies, industry organizations, and internal IT groups.

Best Middle-Office Solution

The middle office plays an important role in optimizing operations across the enterprise. The winner in this category will be chosen from among the ranks of middle-office operations providers that offer IT resource management services, risk management, risk data analytics, client and security master database support, and services for the coding, configuration, and verification of trades.

Best Middle-to-Back-Office Integration Solution

The middle and back-offices are no longer autonomous groups existing independently of each other. They are linked by multiple operations serving multiple assets. This award will spotlight the Ops offering that helps firm facilitate more efficient integration between middle- and back-office applications, particularly IT innovations that eliminate manual systems, legacy solutions and pave the way for operational efficiency.

Best New Post-Trade Solution

This distinction focuses attention on the solution from a startup or an established provider that launched an exceptional offering during the past year. The new product should bring new efficiencies and new benefits to middle- or back-office systems. The new offerings to be considered should help the buy side meet crucial operational efficiency demands. New offerings for consideration can come from established providers or newcomers to the industry.

Best Operational Risk Management Solution

Operational risk permeates everything that a financial services firm does, including securities trading and all the steps needed to complete a transaction. This award will go to the provider that has shown the most creativity in mitigating operational risk whether it is related to onboarding and KYC challenges, reputational concerns, margining and collateral management woes, data mismanagement, disaster recovery/business continuity, corporate governance, and other issues that may hamper operations.

Best Ops Data Management Solution

Managing data to get the most out of it for securities operations is an ongoing challenge for all financial services firms. Data that is optimized will yield multiple benefits for current efforts and beyond. This honor is for the provider that has demonstrated that it can help firms derive the most value from their clean data, and pave the way for greater advancements to come.

Best Outsourcing Provider

Outsourcing plays a key role for many facets of securities operations. This category honors the provider that offers valuable, reliable, cost-effective and efficient outsourced services to the buy side. The winner in this category will be honored for offering the highest levels of reliability, security and adaptability, and for demonstrating capabilities for rapid implementations and flexible consumer models.

Best Performance Measurement System

This category spotlights the performance measurement solution provider that offers systems for exemplary calculation of returns for portfolios (benchmarks and composites); calculation of attribution effects for equity and fixed-income portfolios; and calculation of ex-post risk, absolute and relative. This award also acknowledges the efforts that industry participants are making to advance performance measurement via the embrace of ESG concerns among investors and emerging disruptive technologies.

Best Reconciliation Solution

Reconciliation for securities operations has been the focus of a lot of energy over the past five years. The result is a wider range of opportunities available for firms looking for effective solutions. This category is an opportunity for the industry to reward the solution provider offering an innovative approach that yields great results and support, and helps firms reallocate resources to their advantage.

Best RegTech Solution

Once firms have optimized their internal compliance ecosystems, they often need the support of regulatory technology providers. The RegTech providers considered for this category have demonstrated that they can help firms efficiently meet the external reporting and other demands of regulators, anti-money laundering requirements, and the latest domestic and international economic sanctions of governmental authorities. Suppliers that help participants with compliance in the listed, over-the-counter (OTC), and non-cleared derivatives markets are also eligible for this honor.

Best Sell-Side Collateral Management Solution

The collateral management complex involves many participants including sell-side firms that must work closely in conjunction with counterparties. This award recognizes the accomplishments of a provider, consultancy, industry organization, or internal IT group that has made great strides in helping sell-side operations maximize their collateral management operations via advances to the workflow, IT systems, and counterparty interactions.

FinTech Person of the Year

This award will recognize a behind-the-scenes individual who has been highly effective in advancing a major financial technology issue impacting the industry. The person to be honored has devoted much time and effort toward proliferating a new standard, a key technology initiative, a regulatory-related project or a technology breakthrough that benefits the industry. The winner in this category must show that he or she can work across the aisle with business executives and staff.

Ops Businessperson of the Year

This award honors an executive-level individual who has advanced the cause of financial technology innovation from the business side of the aisle. The winner of this award can be from a solutions provider, an end-user firm, or related consultancy committed to improving securities operations for financial services firms. The winner must demonstrate that he or she has effectively worked with IT managers and operations staff.

Service Provider of the Year

The Service Provider of the Year will be celebrated for advancing the delivery of service, extraordinary client support, new synergies with key market participants and extraordinary leadership in the industry. The winner in this category must be able to show that it boosted the fortunes of its clients.

Software Solution of the Year

This award will recognize the software application or software system that over the past year has broken new ground in a major area of securities operations. This category is open to technology providers, industry organizations and financial services firms that are fully engaged in the advancement of operations software. The winning solution must have clear business benefits.

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