GIPS 2020 is Shaking Up Performance Metrics & Reporting

Discovering the New Landscape for Performance Measurement & Why GIPS 2020 Is a Game Changer



GIPS 2020 is Shaking Up Performance Metrics & Reporting

In this special report, FTF News covers the many positive impacts the GIPS 2020 guidelines are having on the industry. Two years on, this game-changing industry standard is facilitating improvements long sought by performance measurement teams, and technology firms like SS&C Advent have worked diligently to keep their clients compliant. Read more to learn the many benefits gained from following GIPS 2020 specifications, including those for alternatives.

This Report Includes:

  • Why GIPS 2020 Compliance Matters
  • The Role of IT Solutions
  • How GIPS 2020 Brings New Transparency to Alternatives
  • An SS&C Advent Client Case Study
  • An In-Depth Q&A with Matt Ahlstrand
  • VP of Product Management and Solutions Consulting
  • SS&C Advent